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The company Zoni Carlo & Figli s.n.c. was founded at the  beginning of the seventies when Zoni Carlo, knowing the problems  concerning the cultivation and the emasculation of seed corn, decided to  realize a machine able to mechanize the plucking operation of the corn  tops in order to permit the correct reproduction of these precious  seeds.

In those years in fact, the emasculation of the seed corn was carried  out manually and the operators had to  work on foot or eventually using  some tractors.

This operation, particularly delicate, required several workers and  skilled labor during the very short period, in which the emasculation  work must be done.

It was therefore plain that the need of a functional mechanization of  this work was particularly necessary for organizational and economic  reasons.
The attempts done until then were always not successful: several were in  fact the equipments and the systems developed, but none of those was  able to carry out the plucking operation in the correct way.

On the contrary the machine planned by Zoni Carlo was able to solve  the problem of the plucking of the corn tops in a fully rational and  efficient way, reaching the wished organizational and economic  advantages.

This result was possible thanks to the idea of realizing a machine  equipped with one or more extirpation group/s composed of a couple of  cylindrical rollers placed side by side, with at their tops some conical  parts rolling in different ways in order to exercise a traction upwards  which determines the plucking of the plants tops.

During the last years our machines have been continuously improved and  our production currently includes, apart from detasseling machines for  seed corn, also machines for the treatments of the cultivation and  machines for tobacco, all realized using  the most modern techniques in  order to make them always more efficient.
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